A Day in our Life

The purpose of all regular observance, especially enclosure and silence, is that the word of God may dwell abundantly in the monastery. Therefore, the nuns, after the example of the Precursor, should prepare the way of the Lord in the desert by the witness of their prayer and penance. -Constitutions of the Nuns of the Order of Preachers

The monastic day is centered on the Word of God. No matter if one is praying the Divine Office or engaged in manual work, all is an expression of praise and intercession.
On Sundays we rise 15 minutes later. Once a month we have a community retreat day and once a month a nun may have a private hermit day. Every year the community makes an 8-day retreat and three times a year a 3-day retreat. Each sister may also make a private retreat of 8 days.
There are special days of recreation and on certain feasts we talk at a meal.