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Celebrating the Professed Sisters Feast Day!

As our long-time readers know, every year the novitiate sisters cook up a special day of celebration for the Professed Sisters. By tradition this is the feast of St. Mary Magdalene, the great apostle to the Apostles but since her feast was on Sunday we decided to have the celebration on the feast of St. Anne. Her day is special for us because it was on her feast we received permission from the bishop to resume the building of our monastery after a 10-year hiatus due to the Depression. Sr. Denise Marie requested that, since the novitiate sisters have their cook or helper days anyway, to keep the cooking SIMPLE so that the sisters could relax a little as well. It seems that the novices idea of SIMPLE is a bit different, or else, they just got carried away in the creative process!

The "theme" somehow turned into Mexican although dinner was Sloppy-Joes, Mojo fries, Flame-seared corn, Ratatouille with Pecan Pie and Hokey-pokey cake. Supper, which is usually a light meal (but wasn't!) offered Empanada's, Mexican slaw, Guacamole, Avocado and Corn Salsa and black beans. Something for everyone! For afternoon snack, which is something we have only on big feasts, Sr. Mary Veronica made her S'mores cake. It was very tasty on a hot day.

In the morning the novitiate sisters presented their pinata for the professed to take a whack at which they all enjoyed and Sabina especially loved it when the pinata broke! At one point, one of the novices came into the kitchen and said, "I went into the community room and some of the professed are dancing!" We also heard that they were trying to see how many state songs they could sing! In other words, the sisters were enjoying themselves! The day ended with one of Sr. Maureen's fun quizzes and while all enjoyed themselves we were all grateful to return to our usual schedule and silence the next day!

Plus, there were leftover's to enjoy during the next few days!

The Hound of Heaven...a vocation story!

As some of you may know, Deepa, who was a novice with us 4 years ago, is hoping to re-enter our monastery on June 15th. She is working very hard to pay off her personal debt. Recently she told her story at a Life Night on vocations and you can watch it here.

(If you are looking for a van in live in Georgia you might want to check out Deepa's!)

Her website: Outside the City Walls

Please pray for her that if it is God's will, she will be able to enter the monastery again on June 15th!


On Saturday, the feast of St. Augustine, whom we consider our "grandfather" because his Rule is the foundation of our Dominican life, we welcomed Sr. Veronique Eloizard to our monastery as a postulant.

Sr. Veronique, 40, is a native of Haiti but has lived in Trenton for many years. Recently, she worked for Vistitation Home, a Catholic shared living residence for people with developmental disabilities, as an Assistant. Not only does Sr. Veronique show a beautiful and compassionate nature but she also loves crunching numbers!

Sr, Veronique has a great love of our Lady and her Rosary, one of the many aspects of our life that attracted her to our community.

We are thrilled to have 2 postulants and yes, having similar names there will probably be some confusion! God willing, this "problem" will be remedied in a few short months when both Sr. Veronica and Sr. Veronique are clothed in the Dominican habit and take new names!

Please pray for our new Sister and for the young women who are planning to come for aspirancies in the coming months!

Special thanks to Sr. Judith Miryam for her beautiful photographs!