"When the walls come tumbling down..."

Welcome to our Building Update Blog which will provide you with a chronicle of the construction of our Centennial Wing.

We begin this first post with the "Breaking News" (pardon the pun) of our enclosure wall demolition. The last we had heard was that the demolition would be happening tomorrow. However, around 9:30 a.m. today, Sr. Judith Miryam was gazing out the refectory windows, coffee cup in hand, when she noticed something unusual. The top section of one part of the wall was missing. A closer look revealed that a concrete breaking excavator was deftly and methodically knocking down pieces of the wall at a steady rate. Sister quickly paged Sr. Mary Catharine, "The wall is being demolished right now!" Sr. Mary Catharine ran quickly up the stairs to the cloister, camera in hand, to record the momentous event. A few sisters joined her while others went outside to view from the ground, behind the construction fence, marveling at the speed of the demolition.