How Can You Help?

From our first days here in Summit when new friends brought us food, to the years after the Great Depression when our monastery was literally built by the dimes and nickels of so many friends, to the present day, your generous care of our community has been a testimony to your faith that the power of prayer can transform hearts and change the world.

Your support is vital for the success of our Making the Light Shine Brighter Centennial Capital Campaign so that we may continue to be a radiant center of charity so that the Light of Christ may illumine all hearts!

Please make a financial contribution, either a one-time gift or a pledged gift paid over time, to support the Centennial Campaign.

Donations to the Centennial Campaign are fully tax-deductible, and can be paid by cash, check, credit card, or through stock transfers. Pledges can be paid in monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or in annual installments of up to three years.


For more information on the Centennial Campaign, please contact Sister Judith Miryam, O.P., Director of Advancement, at or 908.723.6285.

May the Virgin with her Loving Child bless and reward you!