Our Horarium

Our life is a balance of Prayer, Study and Work.

Below is our Monastic Horarium:

5:20—Rising Bell
5:55—Matins & Lauds (Sunday: 6:10 AM)
Followed by Lectio/Prayer/Study
7:30—Holy Mass/Thanksgiving (10min)/Terce (Sunday: 8:00 AM)
11:45— Sext
12:00—Dinner (main meal of the day)
12:45—Optional Recreation
1:30—Profound Silence (Time for a nap, prayer, reading, free time)
5:20—Rosary & Vespers
7:45—Community Recreation

  • Throughout the day Sisters are scheduled for either a half hour or one hour of the “Adoring Rosary”. Two nights a week the Sisters have nocturnal adoration.

  • The Sisters may eat breakfast either before Lauds, after Lauds or after Holy Mass.

  • Doors to the chapel are open from 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM daily. The gift shop is usually open from 9:30-4:00 except on Sundays. The gift shop and reception office is taken care of by volunteer receptionist so it is wise to call ahead.