Monastery Needs

 “Sister, how can we help you?” is a question many people ask us. It was suggested that others would find it helpful if we posted a page outlining our needs. We are grateful for all support given to our monastic family, trusting that through you, God will provide for the needs of our monastic life of prayer!

February, 2019 Update


Thanks to all of you our wish list for the new wing has been fulfilled beyond our imagining! THANK YOU!
Several of our benefactors suggested that it would be helpful if we continued to have an Amazon Wish List since they would never imagine the things that keep a busy monastery humming!

We are so grateful for your generous help! Please make sure that you name is with your purchase so that we can thank you!


We are always grateful for donations of fresh fruit, vegetables, groceries, cleaning supplies, gardening supplies, etc. Providing for the daily needs of 20+ nuns and guests would be impossible without your generosity. Gift cards to Shop Rite, Home Depot, Lowes and Staples are especially helpful!! We are so grateful for your loving support!

If you live locally and wish to provide the following items, these are supplies we use regularly:

Paper Towels
Toilet Tissue
Flour, Sugar, Brown Sugar
Coffee, both regular and instant
Fresh vegetables
Canned goods such as tuna fish, beans, etc. 



If you are a carpenter, electrician, plumber, mason or landscaper and would like to volunteer at the monastery we would love your help! Please call our prioress, Sr. Mary Martin, OP at 908.273.1228 or email her at We can assure you, you will not be bored!


For more information on any of these projects you may call or email Sr. Mary Martin at 908.273.1228, If you would like to make a donation toward any of these projects you may use the safe and secure donation button below. THANK YOU!

May the Virgin and her Loving Child
bless you abundantly for your generous help!