Donation Box Stolen From Monastery

Sr. Denise Marie went out to the vestibule tonight to lock the doors and found that someone (or more than one!) had stolen the very old, VERY HEAVY, brass donation stand from our vestibule! We are very saddened by this because we decided that, since it is the Year of the Eucharist and since the number of people who stop in to adore Jesus in the monastrance after the front office volunteer goes home has increased, we'd leave the doors unlocked until 7PM. We don't want to have to lock up because of security but may have to if this sort of things continues. It's the 2nd theft we've had in the past 6 months but the 1st time someone has just walked off with something so heavy! It is probably worth more than whatever was in it.

Our chapel is big for a monastery. It seats about 350 and is packed at Christmas midnight Mass. Yes, in case you were asking, IS at Midnight preceded by a "concert" by the nuns behind the grille.

We have Perpetual Adoration and for so many our chapel is a the vestibule to heaven. It's too bad others don't see it that way!

So, pray for whoever stole the donation stand.

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