Your Vocation

Choosing your vocation in life is the most important thing you have to do. It is a decision which will have implications for your whole life, one upon which all your future happiness depends. It requires a great deal of discernment, weighing your gifts, abilities, desires and opportunities in prayerful consideration to know God’s will for you. The one who takes time out to think and opens herself up to the action of the Holy Spirit can trust that she will know that joy and peace which only God can give.

From all eternity, God calls some women to be consecrated entirely to Him. The religious vocation is a reflection of the vocation of Mary, to whom God sent the Angel Gabriel seeking her consent to be the Mother of the Incarnate Word. A contemplative nun is called to live in very great intimacy with Jesus. She is called to be a spouse and mother: a spouse of Christ and mother of souls through her life of prayer and sacrifice.

God issues His invitation in many ways—a homily, the reading of a book, the example of a friend or family member, the advice of a spiritual director…perhaps even this very website will be the means of helping you correspond to the grace of a contemplative vocation…but always God leaves you perfectly free to accept or reject His beautiful invitation to this special way of life.

How do you know you have a Dominican contemplative vocation? First, there are usually several simple indications that you may be called to this life. Every call is different and unique. For some, the call is very clear at an early age; others come to it after much searching.

Signs of a Call to Dominican Contemplative Life

  • single woman between the ages of 18-35

  • a practicing Roman Catholic

  • fidelity and love for the Church

  • good physical and mental health

  • a joyful, generous spirit

  • willingness to learn

  • ability to live in community and in solitude

  • zeal for the salvation of souls

  • an attraction to prayer and the things of God

  • a desire to give yourself entirely to Jesus Christ

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