Preparation day for THE GREAT STOLLEN BAKE


Today is DAY ONE of the Annual GREAT STOLLEN BAKE. Every year we bake delicious fresh Christmas Stollen for the doctors, dentists, 1st Aid Squad, Confessors, and all those who give their services to us throughout the year. Given our small bakery we've had to limit our baking to 50 loaves although we could easily give 100! Many people ask us to sell our stollen but it's just too big of a project for our small community.

By the numbers:

2 gal of milk

12 lbs of sugar

72 lbs of flour

1 1/2 lbs of yeast

12 lbs of butter

4 doz eggs

6 lbs of candied peel

6 lbs of raisins...

and of course, the ubiquitous SECRET INGREDIENT!

Watch for photos tomorrow's baking day here!

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