January 9 - 15

It's wonderful that Vocation Awareness Week begins this year with the Feast of the Baptism of our Lord. Why? Because a Religious Profession is at root first an intensifying of our baptismal character. This is why our big brother, St. Thomas says Solemn Profession has a quasi-sacramental character. Like Baptism, Confirmation and Ordination it can't be repeated. It is a holocaust; a total giving over of oneself, a total taking over by God.

What are You doing to help promote vocations? This is the responsibility of every Catholic! The most important thing you can do is pray for vocations and pray that many young men and women will say YES! to the invitation of Jesus to, "Come follow Me!".

Not to be prejudiced but following is a wonderful passage by Fr. Walter Farrell, OP on the joys of being a Dominican:

"Let God tend to the hopeless-looking things. You are a Dominican, a foreigner to worry and quite a close friend of gaiety....It seems to me quite entrancing to be able to pile into bed realizing there is someone as big as God to do all the worrying that has to be done. Worry, you know, is a kind of reverence given to a situation because of its magnitude; how small it must be through God's eyes....You can't get everything done in a day, nor can you get any part of it done as well as you'd like it; so, like the rest of us, you putter at your job with a normal amount of energy, for a reasonable length of time, and go to bed with the humiliating yet exhilarating knowledge that you are only a child of God, not God himself."