Anyone who knows us just a little knows that we have a particular fondness for the wild rabbits that inhabit our enclosure garden. Usually we name them: John Paul, Jane Polly, Carlos (for the Master of the Dominican Order), Manuel (after the Promoter of Nuns), JD, Giana, Nick and Rick. Well, you get the idea. Some new "kids" quickly learn they have no "vocation" and exit out under the gate never to be seen again and sadly, sometimes the hawk or the wild cat that prowls at night find them.

Tuesday, Sr. Denise Marie was in the garden gathering dafodils when she stumbled across this nest of tiny bunnies. There are four of them and have unusual colourings. This morning I went out to check on them and they were fast asleep, not even awakening when I stroked their tummies!

Ah, but what to name them? That is the important question! At recreation last night someone suggested we give them names after the 4 cardinals we THINK might be the next Pope but giving such big names to little rabbits didn't seem to fit!

And no, we are not telling you what 4 names we came up with, either!