Last night we had a surprise party in the novitiate for Masumi, our Japanese aspirant who is returning to Japan on Tuesday. God willing she hopes to return to us as soon as she can get her visa, this time as a Postulant!

It took teamwork, but we managed to keep the party a surprise. Sr. Mary Catharine, novice mistress, created an excuse to get Masumi away from the novitiate by offering (well, really, TELLING) Masumi that she must see the movie IN THIS HOUSE OF BREDE before she left because the movie has Japanese postulants in it. The ploy worked. Meanwhile, Sr. Denise Marie, Sr. Judith Miryam and Sr. Maria Concepcion were busy up in the novitiate community room decorating. When the 7:45 recreation bell rang Sr. Mary Catharine asked Masumi if she could help her for a minute up in the novitate before going to the Professed community room! With a loud SURPISE! the sisters greeted a throughly overcome Masumi! There was ice cream, hot chocolate and soda along with the companionship of the sisters with much laughter and fun...and a few tears.

Sr. Denise Marie, subprioress, presents Masumi with a "Certificate of Appreciation" listing all the many areas around the monastery where Masumi helped out. Notice the barefeet and shoes! The statue in the corner is of Bl Jane of Aza with her 2 sons, St. Dominic and Bl. Mannes.

There is no way we can explain what was so funny but obviously there were some antics going on by one of the more "serious" members of the community.