Well, not quite! But we are going into our annual retreat May 25 - June 2.This year, our retreat will be preached by Fr. Peter Girard, OP. He will preach on the Song of Songs.

The annual retreat is for nuns what vacation is for most people. We look forward to these 8 days of greater solitude and silence and treasure the opportunity for extended times of prayer or just simply sitting out on the cloister or in the garden with a book. Some sisters like to catch up on a favorite craft or project and others like to take extra naps!

The essential work of the house continues, though. Clothes still get dirty, people still get hungry (including the retreat master!) and yep, the bills still come in the mail and need to be paid. However, none of these things intrude on our retreat if done in a spirit of recollection and silence.

We do post a large notice on our side parlour door asking people who come for Perpetual Enrollments or Mass cards that if the front office is closed to come another time. We are grateful to those who do so...some people don't even notice the sign! Well, we try!

The Solemnity of Corpus Christi falls within our retreat. Originally, we talked about having something special for the year of the Eucharist. Some years we've had Vespers and Benediction with booklets printed up for our guests. However, we decided that the best way we could celebrate this special feast during our retreat is simply to adore and love Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament in the silence which is filled with Him. People know the chapel doors are open the whole day and can come and adore.

Of course, we won't be posting anything on MONIALESOP during retreat.