In a recent interview with the Master of the Order, Fr. Carlos Aspiroz Costa, the question was posed, " What would you say to young people who want to become Dominicans?" Here is an excerpt from his answer.

"I think that in the Order youth can discover a space for freedom. I think that they can discover a passion for Truth. To a journalist who asked him, "Are you a true Dominican?" Father Congar immediately answered without hesitating, "Yes!" Now that seems to be arrogant. However, that was a good answer. The reason why he said, "Yes," was "I love the truth as one loves a person."....I think that, in the Order, people find a space for freedom, a profoundness, which expresses itself in our form of government that makes us immediately responsible for life, be it personal or community life. This distinction between the internal and external forum in Dominican life is very important in order to find this space for interior freedom. It is not a space for interior freedom that I seek for myself. I give myself to the other, without classification.

Does that sound like YOU? Think about it!