Bunnies: 2 Nuns: 1

The presence of 4 (at last count) rabbits in the enclosure has its drawbacks, mainly the fact, that rabbits, tainted with the consequences of the Fall, are not content with eating all the wonderful green stuff around the monastery but MUST figure out ways to crawl into the fenced vegetable gardens and have dinner there!

Sr. Maria Concepcion found one morning last week that one bunny (it couldn't have been Giana, must've been Diego or Jane Polly) ate the tops of her young pea plants. Sr. Judith Miryam found that the bunnies have also been eating some of the newly planted herbs in the grotto courtyard.

However, Sr. Mary Catharine has been lucky. She has managed to provide us with delicious lettuce which SO FAR the bunnies have not found. (Last year, they ate almost all of it!). Meanwhile, the rabbit that haunts Sr. Maria Concepcion's peas is a frequent visitor to Sr. Mary Martin's garden and seems to find great content hanging out among the tomato plants.

Rabbits: 2
Nuns: 1
The battle for the gardens continues.