Bunnies: 4 Nuns: 2

Saturday, Sr. Mary Martin reported that one of the bunnies was having a dinner of her asparagus! Watch out, guys! This is the Prioress you're dealing with!

Sr. Judith Miryam reports that her sedum seems to be safe...for now!

This morning, one of the sisters was out walking and saw a bunny (yep, Gianna) inside "Our Lady's" vegetable garden. She was placidly tasting the grass and weeds along one side. These didn't seem to be to her liking so she hopped over to the young bean plants and began munching. Ah, but then she saw the lettuce!

Meanwhile, Sister is watching all this from about 3 feet away. When Gianna started on the green beans Sister began clapping her hands and shooing her away. No luck. Gianna was queen of this kingdom. So, Sister unlatched the fence and headed toward Gianna, clapping her hands, "GET OUT OF MY LETTUCE!"

Nope, Gianna wasn't going to move. This breakfast was too good! So, Sister got right up to that critter and shooed her away with her scapular. FINALLY! Gianna hopped off ever so calmly and a moment latter was seen hopping across the orchard.

Ok, where's the dried blood and the hot pepper wax?