BL. PIER GIORGIO FRASSATI, Dominican Lay Tertiary

Woodcut of Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati
by Sr. Mary Grace, O.P., Corpus Christi
Monastery, Bronx, NY

Today is the feast of BL. PIER GIORGIO FRASSATI (1901-1925), a Third Order Dominican who dedicated his life to study, the pursuit of holiness, and to apostolic and social activity that upheld charity. He is a shining example for all young people of an authentic Christan life lived in the world and completely dedicated to the love of God.

At the age of 21, Pier Giorgio was admitted into the Third Order of St. Dominic by Fr. Martin Stanislaus Gillet, O.P., later Master of the Order, and took the name Jerome, after the great Dominican, Jerome Savonarola.

After Pier Giorgio's death of polio at age 24 (contracted from the poor he ministered to), Fr. Gillet wrote,

"(Pier Giorgio) loved the Church: the mother of all. He willingly, generously, would have given his life for her. And, in the Church, souls attracted him, especially those of the poor. To the hungry he gave the little he had: to the unloved he gave his heart: to the disgraced who know nothing of God and live in spiritual loneliness, he gave the example of the just one who lives his faith and attracted them to God who would satisfy them."

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O, GOD, you gave the blessed youth Pier Giorgio, the grace and joy of finding Christ in faith and love; grant us we beseech you, at his intercession,to be able to pour forth the spirit of the Beatitudes of the Gospel among the men and women of our own time. Grant this through Christ Our Lord, Amen.