Hard at work, playing the game of "LIFE" are (clockwise) Sr. Maria Concepcion, Lisa, Sr. Mary Magdalen, Sr. Mary Catharine, Sr. Denise Marie and Greta.

This past Tuesday a very select group of sisters was invited upstairs to the air conditioned(!) novitiate community room to engage in a that most vicarious of board games, LIFE (circa 1960). Fortified by ice cream bars, we chose our cars and crowded at the "Start" space. At every twist of the road we were faced with decisions, hmmm, better make that successes and failures, windfalls and losses, all determined by a spin of the wheel. With two doctors, two physicists, two lawyers, and a journalist, the game took on a certain competitive aura. Yet, I am happy to report that when Greta landed on the "Revenge" space, she used her powers of moral discernment to "request" money from the sister in the best financial position to dispense with it, namely Sr. Mary Magdalene. With the exception of Sr. Judith Miryam (who was the victim of two tornadoes), everyone got married, and thanks to uranium mining, were on the way to material prosperity.

Our physicist-banker, Sr. Denise Marie
and lawyer, Greta, consult the rules for

The bell for Compline rang before the game was finished, so no one reached the gated community of "Millionaire Acres." However, our high-powered lawyer, Greta, was proclaimed the winner, due to her net worth! Of course, being good Dominicans, many moral and philosophical questions were raised during and after the game, one of them being, "Is there a version of LIFE out there for cloistered nuns?"

Despite financial setbacks and natural disasters,
Sr. Judith Miryam can still beam at the camera with
Sr. Maria Concepcion.