Despite the heat and noxious pickling
fumes, Sr. Maricon delights in making
hotdog relish!

Making hotdog relish on a hot, humid afternoon in the middle of August would not seem to be an activity any of us would relish (pardon the pun!). However, our garden's bounty of cucumbers demanded attention, and Sr. Maria Concepcion, our Filipina "Martha Stewart" sprang into action! Using a special recipe from Sr. Mary Catharine (thank you, Patty!), Sister shredded the cucumbers in the food processor last night (a huge colander full!), then added onion and red pepper. After preparing the pickling mixture this morning she boiled the lot, and jarred it. The kitchenette reeked of vinegar (the vapors were choking!), and Sister had to occasionally leave the room to get some fresh air.

Sister shows off her handiwork.

Sister finished just in time for Office of Readings (phew!), and was immediately congratulated by Sr. Maria Veneranda, our retired relish and bread-and-butter pickles chef, who gave her a hearty handshake on a job well done! And, the kudos continued at supper, when our superior taste testers proclaimed the relish to be "uncommonly good," and worthy to be placed on the finest baseball stadium franks (GO YANKS!). Bravo, Sister!