Gary seems a little "confounded" by
the instructions

Our workmen, Gary and Jeff, were busy again today working at the greenhouse, inserting the windows, sealing, and nail-gunning them to the frame. The beautiful weather added to their enjoyment, as did the curiosity of Sr. Mary Magdalen ("The Blue Nun"!) who expressed keen interest in learning how to use the nail gun!

Carefully putting the windows in place

Jeff seals the windows

What a team!

Gary secures the windows

The Sacred Heart of Jesus gives His
benediction to Gary's work!

A far view of the work thus far, showing
the statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
in our courtyard garden. Sr. Maria
Veneranda planted the lovely impatiens.

Sr. Mary Magdalene appears on the scene...

...and convinces Gary to show her how
to use the nail gun! Watch out!