Sr. Judith Miryam stains one of many
trim pieces

Yesterday's post mentioned a certain sister's eager desire to be involved in the greenhouse construction (Her motto: "To stain and be stained!"). Sr. Judith Miryam had her wish fulfilled rather quickly and unexpectedly this morning when our workmen, Jeff and Gary, enlisted her in staining the greenhouse "before the rain comes!" So, the trio got to work, armed with their brushes and coffee cans of Thompson's Water Seal Plus Waterproofer Clear Wood Protector. Gary and Jeff handled the upper sections while Sister concentrated on the lower sections. Halfway through, the raindrops began, but gently and intermittently, allowing the staining team to continue their labors. The greenhouse staining was finished in record time. And, all were gratified to see how very nicely the raindrops beaded upon the stained wood.

Sister touches up a few of the lower
window frames

A veteran of several staining jobs (namely the summerhouse and the ramp's library bookshelves), Sr. Judith Miryam expressed her amazement at how easy and unmessy this staining project proved to be. Of course, the fact that this wood stain was CLEAR had a lot to do with it. Yet another staining project awaits, the interior panelling of the greenhouse (which will cover the insulation). That promises to be more than a bit messier since cedar-colored stain will be used.

Stay tuned for further greenhouse developments next week!

A closer look at Sister's staining technique

"I Know Why the Caged Nun Smiles." A look below
from the cloister