from Summit, NJ this week! Unless of course, you're one of those lucky ones who has tickets for the 2005 PGA Championships taking place at the Baltusrol Golf Club just a wee bit down the road from here!

The event doesn't start til Thursday but already the area is experiencing heavy traffic and we heard that the Summit Train Station (just a few blocks away) was a zoo this AM. A few friends are asking to park their cars here for the week. Hey, this could be a fund-raiser! It will be interesting to see if our week day Mass population increases this week. The Grand Summit Hotel is about a 1 minute walk down the street and sometimes business men call asking about Mass times and grateful for our early Mass.

If you are a golf fan and actually going to be watching this (yes, Mr. Stallings, we know your eyes will be glued!) keep your eye out for the monastery. In 1993 it wasn't unusual to go for a walk out in the garden and see the Good Year blimp over the monastery for awhile.