They really were "good 'ole days"!

Recently, one of the sisters was searching through the recipe books in the bookcase off the kitchen. There are all sorts of books there, some going back, most likely, to the foundation of the monastery in 1919! Most are gifts, but there are the few standbys like Fannie Farmer (1949), The Settlement Cookbook (mean you've never heard of it!), and The Joy of Cooking, etc.
Well, Sister found a 1930 Hersey recipie book full of yummy recipies. But oh, wait, the book's back cover assures us that these recipes are "for health!"

Sure enough, on the last page Sister found a page of dedicated to: "Hershey Toasted Chocolate Sandwiches" to be used at your next "Winter Five o'Clock Tea", or "When the Committee Meets at Your House".
Sister started reading and was convinced she had todays menu! Here is the "favorite":

Three-Decker Luncheon Sandwich

Cut two slices of white bread and one of whole wheat or graham 1/4 inch thick. Butter white bread on one side only, arrange sandwich in layers, first a slice of white bread, buttered side out, then half a 5cent bar of Hershey's Milk Chocolate, then a layer of unbuttered whole wheat or graham bread. Follow with remainder of 5cent bar of Hershey's Milk Chocolate and finally top with layer of white bread, buttered side out. Place in toaster; toast to a rich brown.

I promise you, we are not making this up! Admit it, doesn't that sound like what you REALLY would like to have for lunch!