"Nun-In-A-Tub" or is that, rather,
"Nun-In-A-Wine-Barrel"?! Primary Orange
Tree Caretaker, Sr. Mary Catharine (r.),
sits in the new container (yes, it really is a
used wine barrel!) for St. Dominic's Orange
Tree ( l.). The transplanting will occur
in the fall.

The greenhouse construction continues at a rather galloping pace. Jeff and Gary have finished the insulation and wood panelling of its interior. The next stage is the construction of wooden shelves for the plants and seedlings which will share residence with its major occupant, St. Dominic's Orange Tree. We are also waiting for the arrival of the door window (missing in the shipment).

One sister remarked that the greenhouse would be a very pleasant place to sit and relax. Another noted that she might just sleep in the greenhouse for the winter since it plans to be much warmer than her cell!

A greenhouse-warming party will soon be in the works!

Sr. Mary Catharine checks on the progress
of the construction, and attempts to be of help,
much to the amusement of Gary and Jeff.

Gary points out one of two "custom-made"
vent covers which can be removed during
the warmer months.