"The Earth Has Yielded Its Fruit..."

Sr. Maricon shows off the fruits of our
collective labors in the cloister vegetable gardens.
How about that "Melon Squash Collar" for a
perfect fashion accessory?

"God , our God has blessed us..." (and how!) with a bounty of vegetables from our gardens, from mountains of string beans (appearing at almost every meal), to lettuce and cabbage, to cucumbers and zucchini, to cascades of tomatoes, giant, large, middling, small, and (even!) rosary-bead size. And, let's not forget the "Lone Pumpkin"! Vegetable gardeners Sr. Mary Martin, Sr. Maria Concepcion, and Sr. Mary Catharine are to be commended for their green thumbs and their diligence in tending and watering the gardens, and giving us the delight of homegrown vegetables at our meals.

Vegetable Gardener Emerita, Sr. Maria Veneranda,
expresses her hearty approval of the bounty.

"My first pumpkin!" It may not be the
"Great Pumpkin" but that doesn't stop
Sr. Mary Catharine from beaming proudly!