A 1st Birthday for Monialesop


To be honest, we weren't sure we'd be able to keep up the blog this long. Nor were we sure we wanted to. A monastery having a blog? But, we're not just a generic monastery but a monastery of Dominican Nuns. It seemed that this way of "Holy Preaching" fitted in quite well with our way of life.

So, one year and 215 entries later we're happy that we've been able to share a small part of our life. A peek inside the windows, a chance glance through Choir grille, a relaxed sharing in the parlour.

Still, there is something untangible, mysterious, unexpressible about what our contemplative life is really all about. It can only be experienced in silence, in the solitude that speaks of the presence of our Beloved, in the amicitia of community life which is the expression of what true love is all about.

That something or really, that Someone, experienced here in the monastery is a privilege and an undeserved gift from the Giver Himself. He doesn't give us this gift just for ourselves to enjoy but for the world. Without this pouring out of our love, as Mary Magdalene poured out the precious oil from the alabaster jar, our life as "Sister Preacheresses" as the first Dominican Nuns were called would be a selfish existence. Not because to give ones entire life to God simply because HE IS isn't worth the gift of a life spent in contemplation, but because as Dominicans we are also called to share with others the abundance from our contemplative gaze. To contemplate and to give to others that which is contemplated...Jesus, our Saviour!