ROSARY PILGRIMAGE SUNDAY: Preparations, Part II: Decorating Our Lady's Sedia

Under watchful eye of St. Dominic (far left), Emily
and Greta fuss
over the flowers

Our preparations did not stop on Saturday but continued on the day of the pilgrimage. That morning, Sr. Mary Catharine, with Greta and Emily, decorated Our Lady's Sedia (throne) for with a lovely sky blue brocade skirt and lace, and then placed roses on the covering and a bouquet of roses in front of the statue. This statue of Our Lady of Fatima is the one in our refectory. It was carved by an Italian artisan, who based it on a sketch provided by our Sr. Maria of the Cross. The face of Our Lady bears a striking resemblance to Our Lady of Akita (Japan), something which was unplanned by Sister, who had never seen an image of her.

As St. Dominic listens in, Sr. Mary Catharine explains
the history
of the Rosary Pilgrimage banner to her
rapt audience.

At the beginning of the pilgrimage, a contingent of the Knights of Columbus (from New Providence, NJ) leads the outside procession to our chapel. At the head is our exquisite Rosary Pilgrimage banner, which was carried in an outdoor procession to the Church of St. Mary Major in Rome during the 1954 Marian Year, and blessed by Pope Pius XII. Following the banner is Our Lady's Sedia, with the pilgrims, chaplain, and guest preacher in its train. During the recitation of the Rosary, as we begin the Fourth Glorious Mystery, the Assumption of Our Lady, Mary is on the move again, this time in a procession inside the chapel with our Dominican Laity chapter members and the pilgrims.

Sr. Mary Catharine made the lovely lace
for Our Lady (a new tradition!)

Tomorrow: Fr. Juan-Diego Brunetta's Preaching Plus the Post-Pilgrimage Parlor Party!