Gazing up at the beauty of the sun-filtered leaves of
the Japanese maple at St. Dominic's Patio.

The trees inside and outside our enclosure gardens are beginning to change, in all their multi-colored splendor. Our Cainta visitor, Sr. Mary Magdalen, will be returning to the Philippines on November 12, so she is thrilled that she here to experience a her first autumn (a phenomenon unknown in the tropical Philippines). We took some photos of Sister yesterday morning by the more vibrantly-colored specimens.

Sister points to a sugar maple beyond
the enclosure wall.

A closer view! Whoah! Now that's orange!

This tree is just beginning to shyly show its colors.

This large maple is the most-photographed
tree. It turns a deep red and casts a rosy glow
in our cells and hallways.

Getting acquainted with a young oak tree

Looks like Sister is smitten by autumn joy!

More gorgeous foliage beyond the wall by our upper
vegetable garden.

Another stately maple! This one casts
its radioactive glow onto our second-storey
cloister and the refectory beyond.

Satiated with autumns delights, Sr. Mary Magdalen
is all ready go back home to the Philippines, where
only dying trees shed their leaves!