Our happy dancing quartet! (l. to r.) Sr. Denise Marie,
Sr. Mary Magdalene, Sr. Maria, and Sr. Maria Concepcion

A few hours ago, we bid a very reluctant farewell (or, in Tagalog, "Paalam") to Sr. Mary Magdalene, who is now up in the skies on her way to Hong Kong, and then back home to the Philippines. An 18-hour marathon journey (at least, for the non-Filipinos here!). Please pray for her safe travel!

We had a little farewell party for Sister on Wednesday. One of our "hyper-creative minds" even composed an "Ode to Sr. Mary Magdalene," which we sung to her with gusto! We are pleased to offer a few verses below, which captures a little of Sister's sweetness and much of our sentiments on her departure.

Lo, Sister Mary Magdalene!
She is all packed, ready to go
To homeland of Cainta
With heavy hearts we sing this ode!

Your quiet presence, helpful hands
In service rendered cheerfully

In kitchen, garden, laundry, too,
With shining generosity!

Our hearts are breaking, tears well up
We’ll miss you, that much is sure

Without you, what’ere shall we do?
Your absence so hard to endure!

Your spirit will remain with us,
The mem’ry of your laugh, your smile
Renewing bonds of sisterhood
Our love transcending all those miles!

And, now, Sister, ‘tis time to part!
Pa-a-lam! May God bless you!
Reward you for enriching us,
With His gifts of happiness true!

(N.B. For our readers who have The
Summit Choirbook, the ode is sung to No. 480)

This past Sunday, Sr. Mary Magdalene
treated us to a special performance.
She is quite an accomplished dancer.

No! This is not a disco move!

The dance ended with a real flourish!