789th Anniversary of the Approval of the Order of Preachers

St. Dominic received the Bull of Approval from Pope Honorius III

Today is the 789th birthday of the Order of Preachers!

On this day Pope Honorious III approved St. Dominic's band of preachers in perpetuity for preaching and the salvation of souls. Through God's grace the Order of Preachers has never been divided and remains one Order to this day!

At Holy Mass, today, our chaplain, Fr. Kieran, led the community in the traditional prayer dedicating the Order of Preachers anew to the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is a long but beautiful prayer highlighting Mary's part in the Incarnation. How fitting on this day on which the "theme" of December 18th is "O Rex Gentium" and the day is like a little feast of the Annunciation.

Virgin Mother Mary, with trust we approach you. We, your preachers, fly to you who believed in the words sent from heaven and pondered them in your heart. We stand close around you, who are always present to the gathering of the apostles.

In you the WORD was made flesh, that same WORD which we receive, contemplate, praise together and preach. Therefore, under your guidance we today devote ourselves anew to the ministry of the WORD....

To this place we have brought our needs and here we ponder them. Do you, Mother, give us strength and preserve the harmony of our Family, so that what was begun by our profession may be brought to completion by our love for one another, for the salvation of the world and to the praise and glory of God. AMEN.