FOURTH SUNDAY OF ADVENT: Time to Sing Out Those "Os"!

Sr. Mary Peter, who at 89 years old is the
oldest and tiniest member of our community
(and also the youngest at heart!) lights the
Advent wreath.

What?! The Fourth Sunday of Advent?! Already?! Where did the time go? Gratifyingly, this year we enjoy a full fourth week of Advent and get to enjoy the sight of a fully lit wreath. Today also marks the beginning of the chanting of the "O Antiphons," which are beautifully presented by Bro. Lawrence Lew, O.P., at his blog, "Contemplata Aliis Tradere." Please be sure to visit his site daily and drink deeply of the Advent wisdom contained therein!

Mission accomplished! Yes, the Advent candles are
almost as tall as Sister!