New Dominican Martyrs!

Today the Congregation of the Causes of Saints published a new list of miracles and causes of martyrs (for beatification, we believe). Among the list was a group of Dominican martyrs of the Spanish Civil War and among this group is Sr. VENTURETA SAULEDA PAULÍS, a Cloistered Dominican Nun! There aren't that many beatified or canonized Cloistered Nuns and we think this is the first martyr, although we aren't sure.

Here is the text: the martyrdom of the Servants of God ANTERO MATEO GARCÍA, layperson of the archdiocese of Barcelona, married; member, Lay Dominicans; born on 04 March 1875 in Valdevimbre, León (Spain), and killed in odium fidei on 08 August 1936 in Sant Andreu de Palomar, Barcelona (Spain); and 11 COMPANIONS from the Dominican Second and Third Orders of the archdiocese Barcelona, who were killed in odium fidei in 1936 during the religious persecution in the Spanish Civil War.

For more information about our future new beati go to: New Saints to read about them.

Hmm, perhaps our next novice will be Sr. Ventureta!