Fr. Kieran blesses the Easter fire with Sr. Judith Miryam holding the ritual and Sr. Mary Martin and Sr. Maria adding that modern touch—the flashlight (or torch as you all say in England!). Don't worry, the fire was much more tame than it appears in this photo!

Our chaplain, Fr. Kieran Fergus, OP, chants the Exultet inside the Nuns' Choir while Richard Sophie stands in attendance with the thurible. Rich, what would we do without you! Later, at the Baptism Promises, Fr. Kieran "re-baptized" us all with so much holy water that during the Offetory at least 3 sisters could be seen mopping it up! Our floors are not varnished so if water is not wiped up it leaves nasty black stains. For a moment, it was beginning to look like a liturgical dance!

The kitchen awaits gaudeamus! The Sicilian made marzipan lambs are the gift of Sr. Maria's sister Nina. Yum!

"Sister, were you fasting too much this Lent?

Even after the strenuous liturgies of the past 3 days, Sr. Maria, our music director is still smiling. Maybe it's because she finally gets to eat a piece of the marzipan lamb!

A special thanks to Sr. Maria Concepcion for the photos!