One week in a monastery

Colds and the stomach bug have been slowly making their rounds among the sisters. Only a couple of sisters have been spared and they are determined NOT to get it. Talk about lack of community spirit!

The gardeners are continuing to plant, mulch and till and yes, even stare lovingly at the tiny shoots of flowers, lettuce and swiss chard coming up. The "vineyard" is doing well and we got it mulched with hay yesterday. We even got Sr. Maria out helping yesterday! She was having so much fun she forgot that this was work!

Not only do we have rabbits but now 3 cats have found a way inside the enclosure through a drain pipe in the wall. They're not even interested in the rabbits much to the chargrin of a certain prioress who would like to keep the rabbits from feasting on her asparagus patch! Another rabbit "camps" outside of the fenced in garden watching the lettuce grow to just the perfect height for eating. We'll see who gets it first! Will it be the rabbits or the nuns?

Today, a new aspirant, Paula, from Hawaii arrived and will be with us for a few weeks. Please pray for a fruitful aspirancy as she discerns God's will.

Today, our longtime friend, Fr. Jack Carmichael from the Archdiocese of Boston, surprised us with a quick visit complete with his thick Baastan (Boston) accent. It's good to have ya, Fr. Jack. Don't wait so long before visiting again!