Just Another Boring Day in the Monastery...

Sr. Virginia Mary (l.) and Sr. Mary Peter (r.) express
amazement at what tomorrow will bring.

One of the most popular questions asked by first-time visitors to our monastery is "What do you do all day?" with another question, "Don't you ever get bored?" following as a close second. Although we assure people that there is no monotony in the monastery, we have a feeling that many are just not convinced. So, by way of "proof" we hereby provide a photo taken tonight of two of our sisters, Sr. Virginia Mary and Sr. Mary Peter (both hailing from the great city of Providence, Rhode Island), looking at our erase board's list of events for tomorrow. (The prioress' bulletin board is right next to it, followed by "Prayer Central," the board where we placed prayer requests and other news).

The stunned look on our sisters' faces says it all...

Sr. Mary Peter (90 years young) says, "Stay tuned!"

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