Won't you be my neighbor?

This afternoon we had the pleasure of a delighful parlor visit with Cal and Cathy Robertson and their 2 sons, Warren and Samuel. The Robertson's are our neighbors "over the wall" next door to Christ Church our other neighbors.

Why did we finally meet? Well, after emailing Pastor Rush of Christ Church asking if he had a cat he forwarded our email to the Robertson's who are the owners of Miss Ginger and Ale. Correct that. Tuck and Ruby!

Yep, it's gonna take some practice but Miss Ginger is Tuck (short for Kentucky) and Ale is Ruby.

The Robertsons are members of Christ Church and keep an eye on things. Cal is in the choir and told us that they sometimes use music from our Summit Choirbook. Cathy teaches Sunday School and leads the pre-school choir.

We were also pleased to learn that Cal is the acquisions editor of The Ancient Christian Commentary for which we have a standing order. This commentary is in the style of St. Thomas' "Cantena Aurea" in which he gathers the commentary of the Fathers of the Church on the Sacred Scriptures.

Finally, after all these years of wondering why a Church bell would toll at the oddest times—yesterday we heard it at 4:37 PM—Cathy told us that when there is a wedding, the guests ring the bell as they come out of the Church for the reception line! Now we know! They in turn told us that they enjoy hearing our bells calling us to prayer.

We thank God for having such lovely neighbors and look forward to meeting again!