When you think you are having a bad day....

Think of Blessed Lucia of Narni whose feast the Order celebrates today.

Bl. Lucia was born in 1476 and died in 1544. You can read about her colorful life and the many extraordinary graces she received, including the stigmata, HERE and how she was deposed as prioress, deprived of her scapular and spent the next 39 years of her life in the monastery dungeon (no we do NOT have one!) allowed to speak only with her confessor.

When Bl. Lucia died the townspeople thought that she'd died long ago! Immediately, miracles occurring at her tomb attested to her sanctity.

Certainly, Bl. Lucia is a witness to the fidelity of God and that His promises will never fail. What Bl. Lucia was unjustly accused of or the circumstances which provoked such a severe penance remain a mystery.

The town of Narni and Bl. Lucia are connected with C.S. Lewis' "The Chronicles of Narnia". To read about this connection go HERE.

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