2007 Stollen Bake

As some of our faithful readers know, every Christmas we bake a large amount of stollen for the priests, doctors, service people, benefactors, etc. who serve our monastery. This year Sr. Mary Catharine, aided by Sr. Mariana baked 60 loaves of very tasty bread!

Sr. Mariana cuts and weighs out the bread dough. In the foreground you can see that someone obviously was tasting the stollen!

Sr. Mary Catharine rolls out a batch of dough for the 2nd rise. In the background are the trays we use to cool the bread. One problem with baking such a large amount is that there really is no place to put it!

Faster than the camera can pick up Sr. Mary Catharine carries a formed loaf over to the pans for rising.

The loaves are basted with butter before AND after baking. Then they are cooled.

Sr. Mariana displays a few of the 60 loaves of bread.

Of course some Sisters come by and wheedle a sample out of the bakers. Sr. Judith Miryam gave her approval. Another sucessful Stollen Bake! Deo Gratias!
Now we have to clean up!
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