Sunday Night Recreation

On Sunday nights for recreation we gathering in a circle and share family news, stories, books we've read and just about anything with each other. Some nights are rather quiet and ordinary but more often than not they get just a bit hilarious!

Most sisters also use this time to do handwork, clip out weekly coupons, look at the day's newspaper or the latest Catholic paper or maybe not do anything!
One of the treats of Sunday for Sr. Maria is when Fr. Kieran, our chaplain calls in to let her know that he left his copy of the New York Times on the "turn" for Sr. Maria. Sister is from Brooklyn and you know what they say about that! "You can take a girl out of Brooklyn but you can never take Brooklyn out of the girl!" It's true! We don't know what Sr. Maria was reading but it's obvious it was a bit perplexing even for her! Oy vey!
Community recreation takes on many forms but no matter whether Sisters are together in a circle, in small groups or one on one for a walk, recreation is an essential part of our monastic life. It's during this time that we reap the fruit of our silence, contemplation and prayer as we try to love our Sisters in Christ. It's not easy but it's worth our effort!