Compline During Lent, Part II

With the 5th week of Lent (what used to be called Passion Sunday) at Compline we began singing the Media Vita responsory at I & II Compline of Sunday and the O Rex for the Nunc Dimittis antiphon.

The Sisters don't especially like a camera focused on them in the choir so instead we left it in the choir stall and recorded just the singing which is why the sound is a bit uneven.

Click here to listen to the Media Vita and O Rex. It should download to your media player and begin automatically. We'd like to say that those clicking sounds are to give you that LP feel but instead they are the mysterious result of converting a video file to an audio file. To say it's been a learning experience is an understatement!

Text of the Media Vita
R. In the midst of life we are in death: to whom do we look for help but to you, Lord, you who are justly angered by our sins?* Holy God, holy and strong, holy and merciful Saviour, do not give us over to bitter death. V. Do not reject us now that we are old: when our strength fails us, do not forsake us, Lord. Holy God…

Text of the O Rex
Among your saints, O glorious King, ever worthy of praise yet ineffable: you are in our midst, O Lord, we are called by your holy name: do not desert us, O Lord our God. On the day of judgement, O blessed King, grant us a place among your saints and chosen ones.