Meet our Czech Sisters!

In the 1980's, even before the "Velvet Revolution" the monastery of St. Dominic began by a group of young students who secretly began living the religious life together. It was dangerous and it was illegal! After work or school they would join a group of young men who were secretly studying to be Dominicans for prayer and the study of theology. They would wear their habits while together and then go back to lay clothes when they would go back home. After the "Velvet Revolution" the monastery became formally established.

One of the nuns, Sr. Josefa, was chosen to attend the 2000 International Dominican Family Assembly held in Manila, Philippines. Our Sr. Mary Catharine was also there and she and Sr. Josefa, both nearly the same age became good friends, continuing to correspond via email, sharing news about our monasteries, and even sharing a bit of American "culture". Try explaining marshmallows to someone who has never seen them! So, instead, we sent the community a box of marshmallows, chocolate bars and graham crackers complete with detailed instructions on how to roast marshmallows and make 'smores! The sisters eagerly gave it a try by roasting the marshmallows on a fondue burner. They made sure to send us pictures!

Over the years our Czech Sisters have grown close to us, mostly because Sr. Josefa speaks such good English. It is one of the special graces of belonging to an Order that has such a family spirit, that we have such a wonderful relationship with our Sisters. And who knows? Perhaps in God's Providence they'll come over to the US for a visit!

The Nuns now have a website which is only just started and mostly in Czech, but you can enjoy the wonderful pictures.

Please pray for our Czech Sisters, especially for vocations. The Czech Republic is highly atheistic (In fact, most of the 8 nuns are converts!) which means that they are truly a silent witness to the beautiful city of Prague of Christ who is everything!

The Sisters have been living in a small house given to them by the Dominican Friars and are now trying to find land on which to build a "real" monastery.