The Surprise of Spring

After an extremely cold and wet April, Spring arrived this weekend, delighting us with the warm sun and the display of blossoms on the magnolia, peach and plum trees. Anytime you look up at a tree more leaves are budding forth! It's wonderful!

Anyone who lives in New England knows that there are four seasons: winter, mud, summer and fall. Spring just doesn't exist! But here in Jersey Spring is a wonderful season of beauty. We were beginning to think that we'd lost it!

Yesterday, Sisters were outside enjoying the wonderful weather and the garden. While Sr. Diana Marie was taking a meditative stroll praying the rosary, Sr. Denise Marie was dressed for some exercise taking a good walk!

"What are you listening to, Sister?"
"Polish Polka music! I'm not kidding! It's great for walking!"

Our wild bunnies, however, thought that this weather was too good to waste and lazily basked in the warm sun!