The Pentecost stained-glass window in our public chapel.

Into our hearts, O Spirit, come;
O Love of God most holy!
Breathe forth Thy fire, send winds of flame
And kindle all that's lowly
Our hearts are restless till they burn
On fire with Thee for Whom they yearn;
Come, give us light and wisdom.

How good and wise Thy lights to us,
How kind Thy consolation;
We hear Thee speak our heart's own tongue
And fill with admiration.
By Thee our nature's wounds are nursed,
Thy living waters cool our thirst;
Come, give us light and wisdom.

Thou dost renew the face of earth
With love beyond all telling,
And givest joy to hearts of those
In whom Thou takest dwelling.
Transform us by Thy living flame;
Come, strengthen us to praise Thy Name;
Come, give us light and wisdom.

--Michael Gannon (1964)
(Hymn 129 in The Summit Choirbook)

What better way to welcome the splendid feast of Pentecost than with a hymn from our Choirbook? The words are lovely and the melody very lively (even "swayable"), enough to cause this sister to have a bad case of ISS ("Internal Singing Syndrome").

May the Holy Spirit, bestow His sevenfold blessings upon us!