We're just 6 days away from our 800th anniversary celebration and our maintenance man has been heard telling the other handymen who work for us, "Guys, we're on a schedule!" The Sister gardeners have been putting in hours of work getting their gardens all ready. Everything is looking fresh, green and pretty!

One of our sisters is struggling with trusting the Lord that we'll have good weather. She's been known to check out the extended forecast much to the amusement of the other sisters. So far, since the first "15 day" report the forecast for the 12th has gone something like this:

  • rain, 58 degrees
  • sunny, 65 degrees
  • showers, 70 degrees
  • sunny, 70 degrees
  • chance of thunderstorm, 70 degrees
  • cloudy, 71 degrees

You'd think she'd give up even looking at the forecast AND telling us!

Meanwhile, this week will be extra busy as the tent arrives, the tables and chairs are laid out and the flowers, etc. are arranged. The don't forget list gets longer and longer! However, we know that in the end, everything will work out and we hope all will have an enjoyable time as we thank God for the grace of our Dominican monastic life!