Welcome to our Monastery!

This week the novitiate sisters had some distinguished visitors come to the monastery parlor!
On Friday, Linda and Mike and their good friend Teresa flew in from San Francisco to meet our postulants, all whom they "sponsored" by providing necessary articles on the clothing list, not the least being the SEWING BOX! and all contained therein.
We had a lovely time with them, sharing stories and getting to know each other and look forward to their next cross-country visit.
Last week, it was rumored that we were expecting a new novice. Perplexed we didn't give another thought until a long box came in the mail! YES! We did receive a new novice, a gift of a good friend of ours who makes nun dolls as a hobby and ONLY as a hobby. He doesn't take orders. Sorry!
Please meet Sr. Mary Matthew of St. Joseph. She joins Sr. Maria Francesca and the other sisters in the novititiate.
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