Hello, Dominican Nuns???

UPDATE: Phone now working. It was nice while it lasted!

Yesterday afternoon we realized that the phone was blessedly silent. Too silent for a weekday. We then realized that it wasn't because people were suddenly not calling the monastery but because the line was dead. However, if someone calls all they get is the phone ringing and ringing leading one to think, of course, that the nuns aren't picking up the phone.

The telephone company promises us to come by this morning and have the line repaired by 1 PM. We shall see. This is the second time this happens in the monastery in a month for our chaplain had the same problem but it took 3 days to fix it!

We are all enjoying the extra silence and really wouldn't mind if it took 3 days for the line to be repaired! You'd be amazed at how often the phone rings for business calls or more often, people calling to request a Perpetual Enrollment card or ask the prayers of the nuns.

So, if you have a need to contact us, email us.