You Gotta Have Connections!

In September we installed a new ceiling mounted air conditioner in our community room to replace the over 20 year old window unit that was obviously on its last gasp. After, the workmen installed a drop ceiling to cover all the pipes and hoses and the plethora of wiring, etc. that have accumulated on the ceiling in the past 68 years since the monastery was built. Back then, bare light bulbs were all that hung from the ceiling! Who ever heard of smoke detectors?

The complicated job is nearly finished and slowly the dust is being cleaned up and furniture is being put back in place. The rarely used TV and VCR used to be in front of the window A/C unit so during the construction it had been unplugged but was put back about a month ago.

We almost never watch TV but sometimes we do tape something from EWTN (usually something regarding the Holy Father) or an old movie or a concert to watch on a feast day. Several weeks ago, Sr. Videotaper taped an old movie for the novitiate feast day. On reviewing it she found that all she got was snow. Perplexed she went online and found out that Comcast had changed channels which they regularly do. But still, Sister thought it was strange that all she got was snow. Maybe she did something wrong?

Yesterday, once again, Sister Videotaper programed the VCR to tape an old movie. On reviewing it she found that once again all she got was snow. Now she's really perplexed. Not having a 5 year old to initiate her into the mysteries of all the buttons on the remote she went through menus, etc. and suddenly remembered, "Oh yes, I forgot to have the VCR go through the channel cycle after it was plugged in again." Easy problem to fix. Right? Wrong! Still no picture on the screen. JUST SNOW!

So, Sr. Videotaper did what every nun does--she went to the prioress who is supposed to have an answer for everything! Sr. Mary Martin, knowing even less than Sr. Videotaper about electronics said, "We should just call the cable company and have them look at."

Sounds good but Sr. Videotaper wanted to be extra sure that she couldn't figure this problem out herself. So, she craned her neck to look out the window to see the cable. Better open the window to look. Yep, there it was hanging from the roof. As she looked down while closing the window there she saw the TV cable neatly tied up with the end OUTSIDE laying neatly on the roof of the printshop below!

Today, Gary and Jeff, our workmen had to face Sister. "Not my fault," says Jeff. "Gary put it out there."
"Not my fault," says Gary. "Jeff is the one who was supposed to drill a hole to put the cable through!"

Needless to say, the workmen had the job done in record time.