From Down Under to the Garden State

A photo of Mariam taken with her cell phone while still in Australia.

Last evening we welcomed to our home a very tired, travel-worn Mariam Goldzstein from Australia! Originally, she wasn't supposed to come until February but Our Lord had other ideas and everything fell into place. Thanks to ALL of you, your generosity made it possible for her to come and fulfill a desire that has been growing in her heart for over 3 years. She writes:

"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO SO, SO, SO, SO, SO MUCH & praised be Our Lord and Lady for giving my this chance to follow them!!!!!!!! I really can't thank you and all the people who donated money. No matter what happens I will always remember all of you in my prayers and God bless you all! I have to pray that I do only God's will and try my best while I am here!"

For Sr. Mary Catharine who has been corresponding with her during this time it was an especially joyful event. She quickly brought Mariam up to the novitiate to her cell as it was nearly 10PM. A tiny giggle was heard and as she came to the corridor she thought, "Didn't I have the light on in Mariam's cell?" As she flipped the switch, Mariam was met by the entire novitiate all piled into her cell! "WELCOME, Mariam!"

We promised Mariam that we'd wait a day or two to catch her on camera until she is rested and more herself! Meanwhile, she is thrilled to find out that yes! Americans drink tea!

Please continue to pray for Mariam that these months with us will be a time of grace and that the adjustment to both our American and monastic culture will go smoothly!