Then You Shall See And Be Radiant! The Closing of Our Jubilee

What ever the Sisters are looking at, it must be interesting! L-R: Sr Diana Marie, Sr. Mary Daniel, Sr. Mary Rose Dominic, Sr. Maria Veneranda, Sr. Mary Elizabeth

For an Order dedicated to preaching the Good News of our Salvation to the whole world the feast of the Epiphany has special meaning for us so, it's appropriate that the Master of the Order decided that today would be the closing day of the 800th Jubilee celebration of the Nuns.

Sr. Mary Catharine must be introducing Anne to someone as Sr. Mary Daniel looks on.

Today we welcomed Anne Ekennia into the enclosure for her aspirancy. Anne came in just in time to be part of the drawing for the 3 Kings and to enjoy the annual Novitiate Open House this evening. Begun about 15 years ago, open house for the professed up in the novitiate has become a tradition. We used to hold it on Holy Innocents but changed last year to Epiphany and everyone seems to like it better.

Sr. Martha and Sr. Diana Marie must be enjoying themselves!

The "3 Kings" this year were: Sr. Deepa, Sr. Maria and Sr. Mary Peter. Tomorrow, Holy Mass will be for their intentions. They were ceremoniously "crowned" while we sang all 5 verses of We Three Kings.

Sr. Mary Martin crowns Sr. Maria while she accompanies us as we sing "We Three Kings"!

This closing day of our Jubilee was quiet (ahhhh) and for those who weren't in the kitchen there was plenty of free time for extra prayer and reading.We had Benediction at the end of Compline calling on the Lord to bless us and give us the grace to "be faithful to the love we had at first" which is the theme the Master proposed for our Jubilee.

Certainly it has been a year of many graces for our community, not the least the influx of vocations. This past week Sr. Deep and Sr. Giang were approved to begin their novitiate (probably on the feast of St. Joseph) and we accepted another young woman for postulancy contingent on her college debt being taken care of. So, as you can imagine there will be a lot of sewing going on as we prepare for TWO novices and a new postulant.

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