The Holy Father Always Begins Lent at Our "House"

The Holy Father processes from San Anselmo to Santa Sabina, the Church given to St. Dominic by the Pope and the home of the Dominican Curia to receive ashes and begin the season of Lent.

A Blessed Lent to you all! As is traditional in monastic communities, parlor visiting, letter writing and telephone calls are curtailed to only what is necessary during this holy season so that we can be more free to fix our gaze more intently on Christ Crucified. As in past years, postings will be few and far between.

We would like to leave you with a thought from the letters of Bl. Jordan to Bl. Diana that sums up what this season is all about.

This law, which called immaculate because it takes away all stains, is charity; you see stretched out on the cross, as though a parchment, his wounds the writing, his blood the illuminations. Where, I ask you, my beloved, could the lesson of love be learnt as it is learnt here? You know very well that no letter can move the reader so vehemently to love as this.
--Letter 45

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